St Croix Girls Team


St Croix Girls Team!

Fun in the Sun & Sail through the Trails

About us

The St Croix Grirls Mountain Bike team started in 2019 with ten 6th-8th grade girls. We come from Hudson, River Falls, Prescott, Somerset and other western WI communities.

We have NICA certified women and men coaches who help us learn the skills needed to ride and provide mentorship to becoming confident middle school girls.

We want you to join us and our coaches!

Girls Try it Out Day! 

Curious about riding that bike of yours off road? Come join the St. Croix Valley Mountain
Bike Girls Team coaches and learn some of the skills it takes to safely ride the trails
and have a blast! Any bike in good mechanical condition with off-road tires will work.
Helmets required. Some loaner bikes are available. CLICK HERE 

Session A: Saturday, May 22 from 12-2:00 • Session B: Saturday, May 22 from 2:30-4:30

What we DO

Learn how to ride

At practice we learn the skills needed to ride off-road on trails through the woods. We experiment with our skills until we become confident. Our coaches provide a safe and fun atmosphere when working on skills. The girls on the team build each other up and cheer each other on when we finally succeed in reaching our goals.

Have fun together

We like to have fun while riding our bikes together. Examples of fun include ice-cream fun rides, goofy games to learn skills, photo scavenger hunts, glitter and more. Fun is the number one ingredient in mountain biking or we wouldn’t be riding our bikes. Our coaches also teach us about how to set and achieve goals for ourselves. These can be as small as learning how to ride over a rock or large as committing to finishing a 3.5 mile race.


Our coaches prep us for learning how to race. Racing is fun as it provides the stage to show of our skills and progression in fitness to our family and friends. Every one gets the opportunity to race if they want to and our coaches make sure we are ready to reach for the stars. 3.5 miles for a race sounds really long when you first start, however by the time the races start the girls are already riding 4-6 miles at practice.