Pricing & Fees – 7th-12th Grades


Team Jersey (Green Shoulders)

Team Fees – $90

This fee goes to pay for our team registration with the league, club insurance, resources for practices, awards, and other resources for the team during the season.

Team Jersey – $50

6th – 12th grade riders are required to have a team jersey to race.  This season we have lowered the price of the team fees and made the jersey separate. Returning Riders – If you have a current team jersey that fits, you will not need to purchase a new jersey.

NICA League Fee – $100

7th – 12th grade – There is a $100 league fee that riders must pay directly to NICA before you can ride on the team.  This fee pays for race organization, league development and many other program benefits.

Race Entry – $50 per race if prepaid

There are 5 races in the fall and each race costs $50 if pre-registered online.

Discounted Race Entry – $150 SUPERPASS!

Register for all 5 races this season for only $150!  Get 2 races free.

NICA also has a scholarship program for those in need.  Must meet free lunch program guidelines at your school to qualify. Contact us for more information.

Bikes & Equipment

The team does not provide bikes to riders but there are programs to purchase new bikes at a discount through our local bike shops.  Please contact us to discuss the program for your rider.

NICA also has a loaner program for riders that are not able to afford a bike.  Please contact us for more information.

Pricing & Fees DRTKDZ: 4th-6th Grades



Team Fees – $75

This fee goes to pay for our club insurance, resources for practices, coaches training, awards, and other resources for the team during the season.

Team Jersey – $50 

4th – 6th grade DRTKDZ riders are not required to have a team jersey.  But kids do really like them and they are 100% custom team jerseys that the high school riders wear.

The items listed below are optional for the DRTKDZ riders.   Make sure your order is completed before the closing date of the store.  Items will be handed out the first week of practice. The following items will be available to order:

  • Jersey  – short sleeve (approx $47 each) (adult and kids sizes available)
  • Bike shorts – bib (adult size only) and regular (adult and kid sizes available)
  • Wind Jacket (adult size only)
  • Tuke – hat – fits under the helmet nicely
  • Socks


Bikes & Equipment

The team does not provide bikes to riders.  We suggest a working mountain bike with large, grippy tires that has multiple gears.  Many different bikes will work for kids learning to ride.  Our local bike shops stock kids bikes in many different sizes and configurations. New bikes can cost around $300. You may also find used bikes that are lightly used. Plan on taking a used bike into the shop for a tune up some time during the summer.

The best part of buying a kid a bike, is that they now have a BIKE!  Unlike some other sporting equipment that cannot be used on a daily basis this bike can be ridden every day! How cool is that!?!

Contact Us


Call us or send us an email.  We can answer questions and/or send registration forms.

715-410-0214 – High School and Middle School riders

612-327-2380 – DRTKDZ